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Azusa Dance


Entertainer,  Songtress,  Actress



A NYC Walk with SHESHE.

The Apollo Theatre
Amateur Talent Competition
June 15 & July 8, 2016
Song - Hound Dog 
             by Big Mama Thorton


The long-running, live, weekly talent competition on the world-famous Apollo Theater stage.

Apollo Amateur Night Auditions are open to singers, dancers, comedians, rappers, spoken word artists and musicians ages 5 and older. Amateur performances of all styles are welcome. Those chosen from the audition will have the chance to perform and compete on the legendary stage during the Apollo Amateur Night at the world-famous Apollo Theater in New York.


SHESHE braved the cold winter elements early Saturday morning March 19, 2016.  Auditions started at 10:00 am and SHESHE was in the long line that wrapped around the block of Frederick Douglas and 125th at 8:00 am.  There were SO many people in line, there was no way to determine what number of contestants were present.  SHESHE was handed a sheet of paper that read #226 at approximately 10:45 am., completed the necessary paperwork and began the long wait to audition, sitting in the balcony of THE APOLLO until 5:58pm.  Nervous and excited SHESHE left ALL she had on the stage and was notified by email April 28 that she was selected to perform June 15 7:30pm at Amateur Night.  Auditions were an emotional experience, and SHESHE was thankful to be apart.  To have the opportunity to actually perform on THE APOLLO stage is A DREAM COME TRUE!!


The night of June 15, 2016, friends and family as far as Chattanooga, TN flew in to NYC to support SHESHE her debut on THE APOLLO stage.  It was a night to remember!!  There was a childrens division, Act I and SHESHE was the thrid contestant during ACT II.  Nervous and excited at the same time, she rubbed the famous wood, took her spot on the X, cued the band and the rest is history.  SHESHE opened her mouth, and the growl/belt of BIG MAMA THORTON HOUND DOG came out!!  The audience exploded with applause and acceptance.  SHESHE had the time of her life, singing her signature song, performing on THE APOLLO stage and making a dream reality.   A few acts later, all contestants took the stage for the final votes in applause.  SHESHE received 83 out of 100% of the audience applause, which placed her in third, meaning a RETURN to THE APOLLO stage July 8, 2016 and a monetary award!!  Totally shocked and accepted, SHESHE recieved the announcement with honor.  (Read Chattanooga Times Free Press article by Barry Couter.)


Wednesday, July 8, 2016,  local NYC family and friends, take their seats for the second round of competition for SHESHE.  This time SHESHE is not as nervous, but still has a few butterflies and excitement.  She can't believe SHE IS BACK to grace the stage of THE APOLLO again!!  Held in the green room (holding room for contestants), she is reunited with four acts from the June 15 competition.  Just like before, on stage, the childrens division is first, then ACT I begins and there is one contestant before SHESHE who begins ACT I.  This contestant is booed off the stage before getting a full line of verse out and is escorted off stage.  SHESHE has lost ALL nerve and is freaking out, but no time for she is next.  Taking a deep breathe and hopinf for the best she takes the stage.  She's on the  marked X, cues the band and begins to sing, again, BIG MAMA THORTON HOUND DOG.  The reception is not the same.  She can hear her family and friends and others cheering, but she can hear others booing.  Never been booed before, she continues singing and decides in her head: 1- sing your heart out, like never before, ignoring the boos, cause you've earned the right to sing on THE APOLLO stage and 2-if the Terminator comes to escort you off the stage, RUN and turn it into a comical show!!  Luckily, SHESHE makes it thru her song, without being booed off or escorted off the stage and still recieves applause for her performance.  After exiting the stage, She empowers the other contestants to ignore the boos and do what they came to do, for the crwod was vicious.  Upon returning to the stage for votes, SHESHE does not make the top three and will not return.  Unfortunate, but she is still thrilled to have been there.  She's gotten farther than she ever dreamed and made new connections and that's what life is about.  Some of the BEST have been booed off THE APOLLO stage like James Brown and Lauryn Hill.  SHESHE wears the badge PROUDLY!!
















June Havoc Theatre
The Actor's Project NYC Production
May 25, 26 & 27 2016
Song - What A Girl Wants
             by Carner & Gregor
Monologue- FAIRYTALE by Bobby Holder

The Actor's Project NYC (TAPNYC) is a unique membership theatre company dedicated to assisting its members land agents and get work through quality Off Broadway Industry Showcases.  All TAPNYC shows are attended by legit agents, commercial agents, talent managers and casting directors in TV, Film, and Theatre!

Mixing It UP Productions

March 18  11am

April 2, 23, 24, 30  1pm 

May 7, 14, 15, 21, 22  1pm &  20, 27  11am

June 3, 10  11am & 4, 5, 11, 12  1pm

Role:  Enez


YAKI YIM BAMBOO THE MUSICAL is based on THE ISLAND OF YAKI YIM BAMBOO, a children’s play that was performed with music. It was commissioned by The Sandy Ground Historical Society on Staten Island and later performed at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture for the kids in Harlem. In 1984 a class of middle school students from United Nations International School presented the play with actor Dustin Hoffman’s daughter, Rebecca Hoffman, playing one of the lead roles.


Eventually, the play was performed by two professional children’s theaters, Creative Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey and The St. Louis Black Repertory Company in Missouri, for two of their consecutive seasons.


Like the play, the musical interacts with its audience and fills the room with the flavor of Caribbean culture as the actors dance, sing and talk in the easy to understand West Indian dialect. 


The story takes place on a magical island designed for kids of the Caribbean.  It’s the only place where adults are not around and are unable to find the island’s location. The problem arises when a young man enters his adolescence and knows he won't be able to return. This, of course, upsets him and shows the uncertainty he has about growing older.


The musical like the play will be a pure enjoyment by people of all ages, though, it is played for children of elementary school age. The music alone will have everyone contagiously moving to its various beats. YAKI YIM BAMBOO THE MUSICAL will not only be a delightful experience but one that children will take away knowing about the Caribbean culture and the lesson to what it means to grow up.


Yaki Yim Bamboo Facebook

JD Productions
February 2016

‘Bound for Broadway’ is proud to offer a different type of showcase in NYC, boasting a live entertainment Emcee, free professionally edited videos for the performers and a well-rehearsed diverse performance opportunity along-side many of todays brightest and biggest composers!

The staple of JDProductions, Bound for Broadway is a weekly showcase of talent that takes place on Thursday nights at 9pm on... the Upper West Side's The West End Lounge.

Started in 2009 by John Forslund, Bound for Broadway was created as a way for up and coming singers who wanted an outlet to perform for an audience in an intimate cabaret setting, to obtain performance footage for their demo reels or YouTube channels.

Bound for Broadway is the premier cabaret showcase for new talent in New York City, and strives to provide excellent exposure along with a wonderful opportunity to cultivate and work on new material. Along with regularly featured new talent, Bound for Broadway is also host to hot new musical theater composers. Past guests have included Bobby Cronin, Jonathan Reid Gealt, Carner & Gregor, Chris Blissett, and many more. Bound for Broadway performers have the exclusive opportunity to work alongside these composers and workshop their new material!





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