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SHESHE joins



a Roots, Rock and Soul Band

Like most country/blues songs say, 'Let me tell you the story'...

My life as SHESHE is full of wonder and adventure.  I 'wonder' what will happen next and it's always an 'adventure'

During a MUNY shift at my 34th/6th/Macy's location, January 2018, a dapper gentleman walks up to me and asks permission to record me singing and I nod my head- YES.  He approaches me again and asks, 'Do you sing with a band?' Still singing, I nod my head- NO.  He then asks me, 'If I'd like to?'  I nod my head- YES, motion to him to call me and take my card.  Before my shift ended at 6pm, this kind gentleman had texted me information about him, his band and next rehearsal information. 


I attended rehearsal, after a MUNY shift at 14th/Union, and was greeted with open arms, like family, to total strangers.  We jammed through two songs, familiar to both the band and I, like butter!  The dapper gentleman, who invited me to rehearse, inquires if there is any song/music I'm passionate about. Before I could utter the words BIG MAMA THORNTON, the striking guitarist was playing THEY CALL ME BIG MAMA and we jammed through yet another song. 'Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy!' (my favorite line from my favorite Bruno Mars song)  It is then, I looked to the sky and thanked God for sending them my way. It felt like home.  LIVE MUSIC, played by GREAT musicians, does something to your SOUL, and believe me, these guys touch your soul with little to no effort, naturally because they LOVE what they do.

Thank you Dan for the inquiries/invite and Adam for sealing the deal.  Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce to some and present to others the PHENOMENAL band and talent...THE JEALOUS FATES!!

THE JEALOUS FATES at Dinosaur BBQ- Harlem 125th

(listed in order as pictured)

Adam Jacobs - Guitar & Lead Vocals       

Azusa SHESHE Dance - Vocals

Alex Aitken - Drummer         

Dan Schnapp - Piano/Keyboard & Vocals

Mike - Bass

Photo Credit:  Ezekiel Kendrick, Eight Fifteen Productions LLC



Released September 1, 2018

Seven (7) Cover Songs

Three (3) Cover Songs featuring vocals by SHESHE

Download the Digital and receive a hard copy FREE (email or inbox SHESHE)

Many Thanks for your LOVE & SUPPORT of LIVE MUSIC and the JEALOUS FATES NYC

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