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Azusa Dance


Entertainer,  Songtress,  Actress



Beginning footsteps
in the Life of



Video - JAZZANOOGA, Shane R. Morrow.

Photos - Rebecca Love

How did the community receive the entertaining history lesson of BIG MAMA THORNTON you may ask?  Here's a video review to explain. - JAZZANOOGA Presents

Read article written by Hayley Graham of THE CHATTANOOGA PULSE,about the expectations of the show as told by Shane R. Morrow & Azusa SHESHE Dance in interview:  MISS FIREBALL MEET ANOTHER FIREBALL

I'll never forget 'Big Brother' Shane saying, "Google BIG MAMA THORNTON.  You both have SO much in common and you remind me of her.  I want you to listen to and sing her song  HOUND DOG."  Well, I did exactly what he told me. Then it was time for me to sing and this video was produced as a result. I LOVE BIG MAMA THORNTON and her music! - ECLECTIC  2012

SHESHE as BIG MAMA THORNTON was such a GREAT success and SOLD OUT in 2015 at THE CAMPHOUSE, an ENCORE show was done at BESSIE SMITH HALL in 2016.  SHESHE returned from her new move to NYC just to do the show for kick off of JAZZANOOGA JAZZ FESTIVAL.  Another SOLD OUT show!  Photo Credits:  FRANK PATE Photography

Portraying BIG MAMA THORNTON has changed my life as a performer, singer & person. I am SO grateful to have been enlightened to such great HERstory and music.  A part of her will ALWAYS be with me and I will ALWAYS represent her PROUDLY every time I get a chance.  MANY MANY THANKS to WILLIE MAE BIG MAMA THORNTON (Blues Legend/Icon), JAZZANOOGA & the BAND, SHANE R. MORROW (Creator/Director), MARTY L. BRYANT (Acting Coach), BRENDA SCHWAB (Costume Designer), BRUCE SHAW (Director Gee's Bend) and so many FAMILY & FRIENDS for your LOVE and SUPPORT.

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